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Slipcover Plus Upholstery Consignment Agreement

Thank you for consigning with Slipcover Plus Upholstery.  We encourage you to ready our agreement closely before signing.

CONSIGNER’S Contact/Agreement Form.

I, ___________________________ (hereafter referred to as ‘CONSIGNER’) agree to all of the following conditions of consigning with Slipcover Plus Upholstery.

Consigned ItemsSlipcover Plus Upholstery is an upscale and vintage home furnishing consignment shop. We only accept gently used items.  Slipcover Plus Upholstery has a diverse selection of high-quality home furnishings from contemporary to traditional, modern to antique. Designer and antiques must be accompanied with documentation/proof of value in order to command designer and antique level pricing.  Items must be clean and ready for display before they will be accepted by Slipcover Plus Upholstery.  Items also need to be from a smoke-free environment.  Items with stains or signs of wear and tear will not be accepted.  Rugs must be cleaned prior to consignment. If you are unable to arrange for cleaning Slipcover Plus Upholstery will make the necessary arrangements and deduct the cost from your balance.  CONSIGNER understands that while Slipcover Plus Upholstery agrees to do its best to obtain a sale of the consigned merchandise, there is no guarantee a sale will occur.

The Process – Contact us or come in the store, browse and chat. We want you to know you have chosen the right showroom for your furnishings.  Pictures of items should be sent by email or brought into store with detailed description.  Arrangements can be made to have Slipcover Plus Upholstery view items in your home.  When agreement has been made to consign your merchandise, please supply a listing of the items, a full description and the approximate price you paid for each item. An account is set up in your name and each piece you consign is bar coded.  Please note that we select the merchandise we accept based on what is best suited to our clientele and can only accept what we believe will sell best.

Pricing and Charges – We look at comparative items, and based on the condition of the item we price accordingly. Items are priced by Slipcover Plus Upholstery with input from you, however, Slipcover Plus Upholstery has the final decision on all consigned pieces.  At the end of 60 days if there has been no interest in your items Slipcover Plus Upholstery will mark the price down in order to attract interest and ultimately sell.  Items will be marked down at the sole discretion of Slipcover Plus Upholstery.

Consignment Period – Is 90 days.  We are a small store and need to make room for new consignment merchandise. It is the responsibility of the CONSIGNER to pick up all unsold merchandise within 7 days after consignment term expires.  It is the sole responsibility of the CONSIGNER to keep track of when the 90 day consignment term expires. It is impossible for Slipcover Plus Upholstery to monitor the end of the consignment period for each piece in its showroom. After the 97th day the item automatically becomes the property of Slipcover Plus Upholstery who is authorized to dispose of the items as it wishes.  Items will either be donated or re-consigned as store-owned inventory.

Your Profits – The sale price of the consigned items, minus buyers fee, will be split between the CONSIGNER and Slipcover Plus Upholstery.  The CONSIGNER will receive 50% of the sale price or choose to use as a credit for purchasing in-store merchandise. Checks are mailed at the end of the consignment period for accounts with a balance of $100.00 or more or 45 days after each items is sold.  If the amount is less than $100.00 you may pick up a check at the store.  Please call prior to coming in.  Accounts with no activity for one year will be forfeited and become property of Slipcover Plus Upholstery.

A Buyer’s Fee – A buyer’s fee of 8% will be charged to each item. This fee will be added to each sales piece.  It will cover advertising, displaying, marketing, and processing your items. This figure will be deducted from CONSIGNER’S sale total.  This fee will not affect the 50/50 split between CONSIGNER and Slipcover Plus Upholstery.

Liability – All possible care will be taken of articles consigned, however, Slipcover Plus Upholstery and/or its staff does not assume responsibility for losses due to fire, theft, water damage, damage due to handling of furniture, or other causes.

Lawful Owner – By agreeing and signing the CONSIGNER Contract/Agreement Form, placing items for sale at Slipcover Plus Upholstery, you guarantee that all items given to Slipcover Plus Upholstery for sale are lawfully and entirely owned by you or you are acting on behalf of a person (s) who has given you authority to sell such items on their behalf.  Slipcover Plus Upholstery will not be held responsible for any damages, penalties, fines, fees or judgments for any issue arising due to the rights of the lawful owner of the merchandise placed on consignment.


Download the Slipcover Plus Upholstery Consignment Agreement (PDF).

Please sign and date when your furniture is picked up or when you bring it in to be sold in our consignment shop. No furniture can be placed in our consignment shop without a signed agreement.

We offer pick up and delivery of consignment and purchased furniture for a fee. We are not professional movers and will not be held responsible for any damage of the goods or home if such a event would occur.